We care of your business

We just care of your business. We know that your website is a window open to the world.


Choosing a reliable hosting provider is an important decision, but a simple one with HostingWays.com. With our support, with our unique ideas, best location in Unites States of America, UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, with our friendly team we strike to provide the most reliable, affordable and stable services possible at some of the lowest prices available.

We know that is hard to find a good hosting company. You need fast servers and good support.

All the services will be automatically setup with the welcome email including all the information sent to your email address within seconds and even if we are confident that you will be more then happy with our services, a full refund, without questions asked will be possible in the first 15 days of services according to our Terms Of Service.

Since 2009, we provides custom php programming, web design services and since 2010 webhosting services to hundreds of clients around the world. 
We provide: php programming, web development, iOS and Android mobile apps, Email marketing services, hosting services.

Since 2011, due to our success, we decided to offer our clients a dedicated hosting service, choosing the best locations possible. Since then we have hundreds of happy clients.

For us all our customers are our friends. We treat each customer with maximum care.
Daniel Rollo,
Hostingways manager

Our Culture

As I always say, our customers are our friends. We care of any good project from history to religion. We host many NGOs that cares of the health of our children or Historical Magazines from all over the world that care of the mankind heritage.

We just care.

Many years ago, the Internet was a great unknown. It is possible to be the same for many of you.
Dont be afraid, we are here to help and take care of any of your steps.

Lets publish wise websites that will let mankind to develop and to learn.

Daniel Rollo
HostingWays.com Manager


HostingWays hosted for free our Academic historical magazine for years, since I was student. Now our magazines grew and it is registered in the greatest Historical bibliographic Directories..
Hiperboreea Academic Magazine